Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Evolution Baby!

I'm so proud of myself.  I used Blender and I made a model and it worked and uploaded and everything.  Thanks to +Han Held for the simple Blender Tutorials link.  What did I make?  A really simple un-textured TIE Interceptor.  Something I've made repeatedly actually...

Left to Right - The original all Prim TIE interceptor.  An updated model that uses textures which waaay reduces the prim cost.  Finally, the MESH model.

Now I need to figure out how to texture the dang thing.  Also the flight seat I always use for these doesn't want to function properly.  If I place the seat outside the cockpit area, like on top, it works, avatar sits, commands activate, works.  If I stick it IN the cockpit, it doesn't work and the avatar sits sideways in front of the cockpit floating in mid air.

It's... odd.  Anyway I'll work out the kinks.  Best of all the land impact is tiny for the MESH.  I want to say 7 prims, where the original was pushing like 30 (Max for vehicles is like 30, or at least it was when I made the thing).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Classic SL - 2007 - The CSI SIM

Back in 2007 (presumably, since this is the date that seems to be on these screen shots), the popular TV crime drama, CSI: New York featured Second Life for an episode (Season 4, Episode 5, "Down the Rabbit Hole" from Wikipedia).  I think it was a two part episode, I'm not sure actually.  Detective Gary Sinise has to chase the killer through Second Life to discover who they really are. and catch them.

While the depiction in CSI of a virtual world is much more positive than Law and order SVU's "Another Universe", which is basically depicted extremely negatively as a hive of pedophiles, the depiction isn't overly accurate to how Second Life actually works.  Here's the best example in clip form complete with someone's commentary.

So yeah, a super large TV and an elaborate chase controlled by a calculator.  Looks cool for TV but it's not real accurate.  I mean at the very least, SIM crossing is WAY too awful for a proper chase.  But hey, it's near, and makes for good TV.

More to the point, there was also a tie in SIM related to the episode.  You could travel through the SIM doing little games and solving a murder.

It was pretty neat at the time.  Anyway, here's some old screen shots from this region.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I mentioned yesterday that I sometimes make crummy shirts.  These are mostly for my own use and enjoyment.  I've tried selling them but I hate trying to "sell" to people and market and this any personal business venture I try tends to be an utter failure.

"Hey, you should buy this, it's great!  Well, I think it's great, you might not...  It's still cool, though there are some issues, and it's not perfect and you might feel kind of ripped off in the end, let me point out all fo the flaws, yeah it's really kind of terrible, maybe you should not buy this, in fact, let me give you some money for wasting your time."
Something like that...

Anyway, these shirts are kind of terrible, they use a free template that I found online and a bunch of T-shirt textures and logos i thought were fun, thrown into photoshop and plastered on a system shirt.  They kind fo look awful and always seem to have the belly area showing.

A week or so ago, I bought a Mesh T-shirt Template off the market place.  I've gone through and started converting my old templates to the Mesh template and recreating the shirts and they all look so amazingly awesome and better.  I want to hand them out as freebies like I used to my old system shirts but the template license says I have to charge at least 49L$.  I may still try to sell them on the market place.  I still want to learn to do Mesh myself at some point so I can use it in OpenSIM but this is a fun start and maybe I can pick up some extra L$ for use in world.

Anyway, here is a side by side comparison of one of the shirts.

This shirt was inspired by this music video:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm Obsessed with that Title...

"All Around the Grid"

I used to have a Wordpress blog with that title that I let die.  Then I tried Tumbler.  Now here I am, trying again, on Blogger.  I'm still obsessed with that blog title.

I think it's the implications of "The Grid".  Second Life is a Grid of regions.  All of the various OpenSIM grids are, well, grids of regions.  The Grid can be more though.  The Grid could refer to the internet itself.  It's part of why I like the title.  It's all about exploring the corners of the digital world online, whatever the type of digital world, Second Life, Webpages, OpenSIM, MMOs, whatever.  

It feels clever.  Maybe it's not, but it feels that way.  I like to think I'm pretty clever but I also often worry that I am not nearly as clever as I think I am.  Whatever the case, here I am, with a new blog to try to post to  occasionally.

Who am I?  I am Ramen Jedburgh in Second Life, on OpenSIM, on Kitely, on Metropolis Grid, a few others I'm forgetting.  Yeah, like the noodles.  There is a story of some sort there there I'm not really going to get too into at the moment.  I'm mostly an avatar on various grids and a few MMOs, I like to chat with people and explore these 3D virtual environments.  I also like to build crummy prim based objects and cheap dorky T-shirts.  Maybe I'll show some of these things off from time to time ^_^.

Monday, July 8, 2013

What's Your Digits

Ok, so this is an old Meme from Strawberry Singh, but I wanted to start somewhere, mostly to get something here...

So have a photo of me, in my undies.

I have used the same originally created shape forever, though every so often I modify it a bit.  I also had an in world friend who did shapes do some modifications to it at one point to make it better.