Thursday, July 11, 2013

Classic SL - 2007 - The CSI SIM

Back in 2007 (presumably, since this is the date that seems to be on these screen shots), the popular TV crime drama, CSI: New York featured Second Life for an episode (Season 4, Episode 5, "Down the Rabbit Hole" from Wikipedia).  I think it was a two part episode, I'm not sure actually.  Detective Gary Sinise has to chase the killer through Second Life to discover who they really are. and catch them.

While the depiction in CSI of a virtual world is much more positive than Law and order SVU's "Another Universe", which is basically depicted extremely negatively as a hive of pedophiles, the depiction isn't overly accurate to how Second Life actually works.  Here's the best example in clip form complete with someone's commentary.

So yeah, a super large TV and an elaborate chase controlled by a calculator.  Looks cool for TV but it's not real accurate.  I mean at the very least, SIM crossing is WAY too awful for a proper chase.  But hey, it's near, and makes for good TV.

More to the point, there was also a tie in SIM related to the episode.  You could travel through the SIM doing little games and solving a murder.

It was pretty neat at the time.  Anyway, here's some old screen shots from this region.

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  1. Pretty neat! This was before my time, so I never got to see it. Thanks for posting the photos and clip!