Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I mentioned yesterday that I sometimes make crummy shirts.  These are mostly for my own use and enjoyment.  I've tried selling them but I hate trying to "sell" to people and market and this any personal business venture I try tends to be an utter failure.

"Hey, you should buy this, it's great!  Well, I think it's great, you might not...  It's still cool, though there are some issues, and it's not perfect and you might feel kind of ripped off in the end, let me point out all fo the flaws, yeah it's really kind of terrible, maybe you should not buy this, in fact, let me give you some money for wasting your time."
Something like that...

Anyway, these shirts are kind of terrible, they use a free template that I found online and a bunch of T-shirt textures and logos i thought were fun, thrown into photoshop and plastered on a system shirt.  They kind fo look awful and always seem to have the belly area showing.

A week or so ago, I bought a Mesh T-shirt Template off the market place.  I've gone through and started converting my old templates to the Mesh template and recreating the shirts and they all look so amazingly awesome and better.  I want to hand them out as freebies like I used to my old system shirts but the template license says I have to charge at least 49L$.  I may still try to sell them on the market place.  I still want to learn to do Mesh myself at some point so I can use it in OpenSIM but this is a fun start and maybe I can pick up some extra L$ for use in world.

Anyway, here is a side by side comparison of one of the shirts.

This shirt was inspired by this music video:


  1. Wait, don't you mean you make crummy...oh, wiat, I see what you did thar ;)

    Anyways, the shirt looks cool, better than what I am able to make, that's for sure! :)