Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm Obsessed with that Title...

"All Around the Grid"

I used to have a Wordpress blog with that title that I let die.  Then I tried Tumbler.  Now here I am, trying again, on Blogger.  I'm still obsessed with that blog title.

I think it's the implications of "The Grid".  Second Life is a Grid of regions.  All of the various OpenSIM grids are, well, grids of regions.  The Grid can be more though.  The Grid could refer to the internet itself.  It's part of why I like the title.  It's all about exploring the corners of the digital world online, whatever the type of digital world, Second Life, Webpages, OpenSIM, MMOs, whatever.  

It feels clever.  Maybe it's not, but it feels that way.  I like to think I'm pretty clever but I also often worry that I am not nearly as clever as I think I am.  Whatever the case, here I am, with a new blog to try to post to  occasionally.

Who am I?  I am Ramen Jedburgh in Second Life, on OpenSIM, on Kitely, on Metropolis Grid, a few others I'm forgetting.  Yeah, like the noodles.  There is a story of some sort there there I'm not really going to get too into at the moment.  I'm mostly an avatar on various grids and a few MMOs, I like to chat with people and explore these 3D virtual environments.  I also like to build crummy prim based objects and cheap dorky T-shirts.  Maybe I'll show some of these things off from time to time ^_^.

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