Thursday, August 1, 2013

Magellan's Gridwide Scavenger Hunt

I've been working my way through the new Premium activity on the grid, Magellan's Grid Scavenger Hunt.  It's a neat little gamey activity where you travel around the grid doing missions to stop Mole People.  There are some prizes which may or may not be random.  The original notecard talked about trading prizes which suggests some level of randomness.  Anyway, here is the blurb from the event page if you want it:

Welcome, brave explorers and adventurers! Magellan Linden uncovered an evil scheme by the mad Doctor Talpa to build mind-controlling machines and take over the world. While Magellan builds a machine to counter this scheme, you are needed to gather materials and components -- and to destroy every one of Talpa's machines you find. Magellan has established workshops, a laboratory (even a bar) on the Isles of Ice; travel there to learn more, get equipped and start the hunt!
 I'm maybe 75% of the way through the list.  So far it's a decent little activity.  Nothing too complicated really.  It actually almost comes off as an excuse to tour people through some of the premium areas.  One mission takes you to the dune buggy track sandbox.  Another to the elaborate jungle area to ride the boat.  Another drops you in a nearby snow region, which I would imagine is a premium member's only area as well.

As for prizes, I have not yet looked into them too much other than one mission gave me a kind of neat "Steampunk Wings Backpack".  Anyway, here's a collection of some screen shots from my travels.  There's some varying quality since I did half of the missions on my laptop.

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