Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Now I'm Mixing My Inworld Games...

Ok, I mentioned last post about the gridwide scavenger hunt.  In that post I mentioned that the scavenger hunt kind of felt like an excuse to get people to tour through and check out the Premium areas, which is probably a good idea, though I don't ever see anyone else really doing the Scavenger hunt.

One of the later missions takes you to these Linden Realms areas where you do little quests all on their own.  You collect crystals and explore various areas on a pretty well designed set of regions which make up a large island.  I landed in that area.  The funny part is, I did not realize the Linden Realm quests were not part of the scavenger hunt until I had done several of them.  I was enjoying myself but it wasn't really what my mission was at the time.

The slightly embarrassing part was that I got to do these missions wearing the Mind Control blocking sucker fish on my head...

Isn't it stylish???   I don't have any idea what happens if I don't wear it.  Mind control I guess.

Anyway, I plan to get back to the Linden Realm exploration.  It's kind of interesting as it's definitely much more gamish in design.  There are big monsters which chase you around and if you get hit you get teleported back to designated respawn zones in each region.  I didn't try out any weaponry to see if I could defend myself from the rock monsters.  They are fairly easy to out run if you jump repeatedly.  You move faster and farther jumping than walking.

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