Friday, August 16, 2013

Some Old Builds

Though I am pretty mediocre at best, I like to build things in Second Life.  I like exploring more, but sometimes I build things.  I was sorting some inventory the other day and decided to make a few snapshots of some of my older projects.

You know.. for posterity, or something.

These are possibly the first things I ever built, waaaay long ago.  They are both pretty special to me as a result.    This was part of when I first started really customizing my avatar's look.  I was standing in a sandbox, and I knew I wanted some glasses to wear, though I could not afford glasses, so i made some.  I wore those glasses forever too.  I also made the pencils because, well, I was going to be building, I should look like I was a designer.  Something like that.  So I made a giant pencil, then shrunk it down and duped it, and stuck them behind my ears.  I think the plan was to make a little clipboard to hold but I never got around to that one.  Another early build, possibly at the same time, was this set of headphones, because "cool rocker babes wear rockin' headphones."  Or something.

This marshmallow on a stick isn't great but it has an interesting story.  At least i think it's interesting.  I was hanging around in a sandbox, as I often do, and some guys were playing with a camp fire.  I commented that they needed to be roasting marshmallows, and thus... Marshmallow on a Stick.  So we all hold these and stood around the camp fire, together.

 This Piranha Plant and floating Island were both sort of made together.  I think the idea was to make some sort of Mario cloud house, but this is more or less all I had of it.  I wanted a floating house so that I could fly up and land my ship on it.

My 1st life job is in Television, so I like to sometimes make things, equipment and such based around television.  On top is a Satellite dish and below that is a really crappy camera.

This trailer is what I have left over from an experiment in physical objects.  I have a semi cab I built somewhere, but could not find it in my mess of an inventory.  The cab is scripted and I was trying to see if I could make a trailer that could be pulled by the semi.  Most of the time it just went flying off or shook around until it fell off the hitch.  Hence the hole near the front.  I tried using super long hitch poles, to no avail.

This is an incomplete Star Trek shuttle.  I've since bought a nice MESH one so I probably won't bother completing this ever.

Above we have a poorly thought out money making scam plan.  The idea is, GOLD never loses value, so why not invest your hard earned L$ into GOLD bricks!  They were transfer but not modable or copyable.  It's labeled "$1000 L Gold Brick".  I also made some prim $1 bills.  No one wants prim money it seems.  It also doubles as a night light! (it glows)

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