Wednesday, March 16, 2016


This is sort of how my mind works.  I try to come up with a name for something, I maybe come up with something mediocre.  Eventually, I get some sort of epiphany for something "Clever" 9though probably still mediocre).

When I started selling in world and on the marketplace 6 months ago, I settled on the name GeekTronic.  I've never been real satisfied with the name, it's a little clunky and long.  Recently I had an epiphany moment and came up with the name Gique.  Pronounced "Geek".

Some web searches later and I was satisfied enough that no one else, especially in SL was using the name.  I then proceeded to rebrand my imagery on my store from the clunky ugly Geektronic to Gique Boutique.  The  Boutique park came later, partially to push the idea that it's a store and partially to help people get the "Geek" part, since it's an alliteration.

The logo is still kind of a work in progress but I'm pretty happy with the name.

I've also started a blog to go with my store.  Not really anything there yet but, Gique Boutique Store Blog.  It'll be a good place to do announcements and maybe help as a motivation too myself to keep working at this.

I've also used the name Gique for my new region on OSGrid.  No links on that one yet, though you can search for it in world.  I will probably move it to a new location soonish.  The server overhead running the region isn't nearly as high as expected so I plan to stake out a 9x9 block and add a little ocean around the island.

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